Inverter technology term which is common to hear about white appliances is begun to be used for solid fuel boiler systems by leader of this sector ^^DEHA^^. This future technology provides very less electric consumption, very client working and so long mechanical warranty as 5 years.


Our combine solid fuel boilers with stoker provides to burn solid fuels sized 0-5cm diameter without any breaking and compressing by means of our special helix design which has 5 years warranty as different from others. Combine solid fuel boiler with TRANSPOSER-RECIPROCATING SYSTEM which is our new brand has both helix and piston as different from ordinary stoker systems. This new invention prowides to convey solid fuel without breaking and compressing fuel by means of very less electric power like 0,37 Kw. This unique invention as a revolution, signs the highest technology of solid fuel boiler systems.


Comfort is closed to you as a button! Igniting solid fuel and starting boiler is so easy now. Automatic ignition system of DEHA ignites solid fuel of boiler by itself and get out of circuit as electronically. You just enjoy this comfort of your free time. This property is provided as optionally for all type of our solid fuel boilers with stoker.

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Deha combine solid fuel boilers with stoker which heat your house and provide hot water has a copper pipe serpantine system inside. As different from external hot water suppliers, internal serpantine system provides unlimited clean hot water without any energy loss. Serpantined copper inside boilers during pruduction period does not take any volume in your boiler room. Clean and hot water flows from your taps for using external use(not for drink) as most comfortable and cheapest way. This property is provided as optionally for Transposer-Reciprocating and Huge Coal types of solid fuel boilers.

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After extensive researches, DEHA engineers developed accurate room thermostad which controlls and fixes temperature of room . As diffrent from ordinary room thermostads, this invention controls the set temperature of boiler, instead of turning on and turning off boiler with a suitable prinicible of burning solid fuel. This system provides you to not to go to the boiler for adjusting set temperature of boiler to have a stable temperature in your room. Accurate temperature controll of room provides also less fuel consumption and maximum comfort. This property is provided as optionally for our Transposer-Reciprocating Series and Huge Fuel Series boilers.

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Cleaning boiler is not a problem from now on ! Pratic cleaning handles of our new brand ^^ Transposer Feed Series Boilers^^ provides you to clean boiler by an easy motion in a few seconds. This new invention will change all the image of solid fuel boiler in your dream. You will just be surprised of this comfort. This property is provided as standart for our Transposer-Reciprocating Series boilers.