As the technology increased rapidly in the world, comfort has become a personal need. We are providing a steady confidence to our customers. DEHA has been working hard to produce an effective solutions to its customers in order to maintain that users do not encounter any problems. Today, people do not need to deal with dirty and tiring heating systems since it has become not an problematic issue with the high technology of DEHA. Furthermore, our one of the main aims is to provide this valuable technology with a reasonable prices.


BOL-AY LTD Company has running its business as a family organization since 2000. Its brand named ‘DEHA’ has become a leader product in the heating sector in Turkey. The company is increasingly developing its mechanical and graphical skills on the products with capable engineers and competent researchers. As a result of Cooperation with TUBITAK which is R&D monitoring organisation, DEHA achieved extra knownledge and regarded as a leader company in terms of technology in the heating sector.